Sunday, July 28, 2013

player test 2



Double Agent for the SPLC since 2009 said...


This is what I think of you and white nationalism, neo-nazism and fascism:

I support the SPLC, have since 2009, and I am a feminist. I oppose everything you and the other racists at grizzom stand for. I have made this publicly known, and now you know.

I retract everything positive I have ever said about Hitler and NS and from now on my research will tell the truth about the genocide of Jews and how racist and misogynist the NSDAP was. There is no point in me continuing to put forth the information I do when it is being used to promote racism, white supremacy, and misogyny.

Please send this to everyone at grizzom.

EOWN said...

ROFLMFAO right back at ya.